Enjoy the luxury of a Timberpool in your own garden this summer. The Timberpool wooden swimming pools are made of impregnated pine wood class 4 so not only are these pools simple to construct they are also solid giving you years of pleasure from your Timberpool kit. The Walls of our timber pool kits are 42mm thick giving you not only a solid pool but also giving you great thermal insulation. Simple to build with full installation instructions provided.

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 Available in a range of sizes to suit any garden 




https://www.mominleggings.com/dr77wuquqk Interline houten zwembad plattegrond 4.40 Interline houten zwembad plattegrond 5.30 Interline houten zwembad plattegrond 6.40 x 4.00 Interline houten zwembad plattegrond 8.40 x 4.90